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Bicycles are a smart way to get around, especially in a city. They’re a clever approach to personal mobility, a topic that the Ford Smart Mobility plan also addresses. We’ve been around the world to find these four bikes, combining stunning looks with the latest technology.

Trefecta DRT

The Swiss-made Trefecta DRT combines bold military design cues with zero-emission electric drive and lots of high-tech gadgets. Its foldable frame is handcrafted from aluminum, making it lightweight and strong enough for off-roading. A 4kW electric motor enables a top speed of 70km/h and its electric range is 100km. You can even check the battery’s charge using an app. Price: from €22.500.


Williams cycles – The urban one

This cutting-edge bike is the brainchild of brothers Harry and Tom Williams in the UK. The striking wooden frame looks deceptively old-fashioned but it’s actually a high-tech composite that uses bamboo and flax. This makes it stiff for accelerating but it also absorbs vibration over cobbled streets. Titanium and alloy reduce weight and there’s a step stepless-shifting transmission. Price: €3.200.

Ford Vignale Lifestyle two images of bicycles

Van Moof Electrified S

This could be the ultimate electric commuting bike. Van Moof’s Electrified S packages all the technology and batteries neatly away in the frame. And it’s lightweight, at only 18.5kg. Electric assist will help you go twice as fast with minimal effort and can get you across, say, Manhattan five times on a single charge. Price: around €3.000.


Urban Arrow

Inspired by Amsterdam’s popular cargo bikes, the Urban Arrow cuts a dash and there aren’t many things a car could do better in crowded city centres. You can seat two kids on the front or replace the seating with a 350-litre cargo box. An electric pedalling aid makes progress easy and a lightweight aluminium frame ensures good manoeuvrability. Price: from €4.000.


Ford Vignale Lifestyle three images of bicycles

Ford’s ambitions for smarter urban mobility

For the first time, more people now live in cities than rural areas. That trend will continue. Substantial challenges lie ahead if we are to sustain the quality of life in urban areas. So Ford is rising to the challenge with the Ford Smart Mobility plan, using technology and innovation to make people’s lives better. While continuing to focus on its core business – designing, manufacturing and servicing cars, SUVs, trucks and electrified vehicles – Ford is also pursuing emerging opportunities to become a leader in smart transportation. Key areas of the Ford Smart Mobility plan are connectivity, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, data and analytics and mobility.

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