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Ford Vignale Lifestyle hands on the perforated leather seat



The secret of the premium look and feel of the Ford Vignale models lie in pure craftsmanship.

The paint

The sophisticated Ford Vignale Nocciola metallic paint colour is offered exclusively on Ford Vignale models. Referencing the brand’s origins, Nocciola is the Italian word for ‘hazelnut’. All Ford Vignale cars have metallic paints and they all undergo a special treatment to make them brighter and more premium in appearance.

The leather

The leather has been carefully selected to be soft to the touch, comfortable to sit on and luxurious to the eye. Ford chose a full grain luxury Windsor Leather. This undergoes a rigorous selection process, yielding only the finest quality hide. Natural markings are minimised, letting the true beauty of the leather shine through. In full grain leather of this quality, the hair cell is still visible in the top grain surface of the hide. The hide is lightly finished to provide a smooth, semi-aniline-like surface that still meets Ford’s strict durability requirements – giving the leather an exclusive high-end natural appearance. Additional conditioning steps are added to ensure an even softer and more luxurious ‘hand’ feel.

Ford Vignale Lifestyle dashboard and detail of the perforated leather seat

The seats

The seats were inspired by the centuries-old tradition of leather craftsmanship, with the quality customers might normally expect of an upmarket bag from a brand like Chanel or Ferragamo. Each seat is elegantly tailored rather than merely covered. The quilted panels create a distinctive sense of occasion, while ‘tuxedo’ stitching enhances the quality appearance.

The hexagon panel

The distinctive hexagonal panels require the highest level of technical skill. You will notice, for example, how the perforations and stitching work harmoniously and consistently together within each individual panel area. Only trimmers with considerable experience can achieve work of such precision.

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