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Ford Vignale Lifestyle Robert Wolff holding a vial



Robert Wolff is the Ford Vignale colour expert. Here he reveals what makes something a Vignale colour, why it’s so special and how you create it.

Robert Wolff’s first car was a second-hand Ford Escort. “It was Caribbean Blue!” he says. “It was fantastic. My first car – in that colour!” Cars and colours: both fascinate Robert. He works as the Paint Technical Expert in the colour and material design department of the Ford Design Studio near Cologne. Together with the designers, he develops Ford Vignale colours, such as Nocciola, a sparkling golden brown colour, or Ametista Scura, a rich dark purple, or Milano Grigio, a stately, shining grey. For him, it’s a dream job.

Ford Vignale Lifestyle Robert Wolff sitting at a table, Robert's hand holding a vial

Push the limit

To develop a new colour usually takes 36 months. Robert says: “In developing it, we strive for a feasible product but we also want the best colours on the market. So we push it to the limit. The designers come to you, saying: we want something more premium or more vibrant or more brilliant.”

Colour trends are assessed. Robert says: “Our designers do a lot of trend watching – on the street, in shops, on the internet, in magazines, at furniture fairs and other exhibitions.”

So what makes something a Ford Vignale colour? Robert says: Ford Vignale colours should make the car even more premium. They underline the geometry of Ford Vignale cars and they also get a special treatment in the paint shop. These colours aren’t offered on any other car line.

Secret formula

The quality of the paint on a new Ford Vignale car must remain consistent for at least 12 years, so new paint colours undergo extreme weather testing. Robert explains: We develop the paint colour together with a supplier. When we have the exact colour we want, we have the master. We have the formula, which is secret, like the Coca-Cola formula.

And what colour is his own car? “A Stealth Grey Focus ST. I love that colour! On a Ford Focus, it just changes the car. It’s just made for it. And it’s a polarising colour. It’s a colour that makes a statement – just like Ford Vignale colours.”

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