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Ford Vignale customers have access to a world of exclusive services in selected FordStores across Europe. Meet three fully dedicated Vignale Relationship Managers who tell us about what makes their jobs so special.

Ford Vignale Lifestyle Andreas Peters, the Vignale Relationship Manager

 ‘I give customers space’

Andreas Peters loves tranquility and space and he ensures his customers get both at Autohaus Tobaben in Hamburg. “I like to play golf. I’m not really good at it, but what counts for me is the relaxation and nature. It gives me energy and inspiration for my personal life and for my work at Autohaus Tobaben in Hamburg, where I am working for nine years now. The role as a Relationship Manager suits me perfectly. You have to be able to recognise what people want and give them space to make their own, well-considered decision. I see it as a form of service. It’s in my nature.

Recently, I had to buy a couple of new golf clubs. I could have done it easily online but I got such good advice in a shop that I bought them there. I felt welcome. I think it’s the same when buying a car. Anyone interested in Ford Vignale should feel welcome in the Vignale Lounge. They should be able to appraise the car, touch it and feel free to ask important questions. This takes time, but everyone gets that from me.”

Ford Vignale Lifestyle Stacey Connelly, the Vignale Relationship Manager

‘I join the dots’

As a busy father of two, passionate snowboarder and Vignale Relationship Manager, Stacey Connelly knows the value of saving customers time. “I’m father to two adrenalin junkies and I’m also passionate about my hobbies: travel and snowboarding. I’m equally passionate about my work as a Vignale Relationship Manager at TrustFord Barnsley. So you can see why I appreciate good time management. Saving my customers time is important to me. On the service side, home visits do that. But it’s also about building a relationship with my customers and knowing their situation and preferences. With me as their single point of contact they don’t have to explain their issue three times. Just tell me and I’ll join the dots.

I live in Barnsley, in Northern England and I don’t need to go to a luxury brand store to enjoy great customer service. When I walk over to my local pub for a quiet drink, the landlord can see me coming through a window opposite the bar. When I arrive, my favourite pint is on the bar waiting for me. At that moment, I feel like I’m the only customer who matters. That’s the feeling I want to create for my Ford Vignale customers.”

Ford Vignale Lifestyle Pierre Vitré, the Vignale Relationship Manager

‘It's all about respect’

Pierre Vitré loves to take client services to a higher level. He also enjoys planes, both flying them and jumping out of them. “Feeling part of the wind – that’s what I like most about parachute jumping. Far from being a solitary sport, it’s all about sharing emotions with friends who are jumping with you. The funny thing is that you don’t even have to speak. Back on the ground, you feel like you have journeyed together forever. It is a similar human interaction with clients that makes me passionate about my work as a Ford Vignale Relationship Manager in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône near Paris.

Getting to know clients better to understand personal tastes and needs – it’s all very rewarding to me. I always try to give them the same feeling they’d have in a luxury hotel, where the staff recognise you immediately and put flowers in your room. It is all about respect, not only for the clients tastes but also for their time, which is obviously very precious. Ford Vignale encompasses several high-level services that accommodate that, like collecting the client’s car for servicing and returning it. I personally even like to think in terms of offering a ‘time bubble’ to clients who come to our showroom.”

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