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Ford Vignale Lifestyle two Mondeo Vignales parked in a factory with two men in white coats



It’s built in one of the world’s most advanced factories – and then gets a special check-up in a purpose-built centre. No expense or effort is spared to create the Ford Vignale.

Ford Vignale Lifestyle workers in white coats are checking the Mondeo Vignale

In a serene environment, engineers work with utmost focus. One’s in the driver’s seat, looking at the dashboard. Another is standing in a ‘street’ of floodlights, hand-polishing paintwork on the bonnet. A third inspects the joint between a headlight unit and bodywork using a black box with piercing laser beams. Welcome to the Vignale Quality Centre in Valencia, Spain, where specialists inspect every Ford Vignale for 90 minutes each. It’s a final, special test before it reaches the customer.

Meticulous testing

Engineers employ their hands, eyes, ears and the latest laser and camera technologies to spot even the tiniest intolerances. Are panels symmetrical? Do the doors close smoothly? Is all the stitching properly sewn into the leather? Does the seat massage work flawlessly? This relentless attention to detail aims to enhance the experience of a Ford Vignale driver.

Extra inspections

As soon as a Ford Vignale is finished, it’s off to the exclusive Vignale Quality Centre, next to the factory. Here, six expert engineers check every Ford Mondeo Vignale on 100 points – in addition to the already high One Ford standards. Around €1.6 billion has been invested in the production process over the past five years. It’s one of the world’s most sophisticated car factories.

Ford Vignale Lifestyle hand manipulating with the gear stick

Ostrich feathers

High-tech equipment, laser-operated robots, state-of-the-art logistics and innovative technologies ensure that every Vignale is meticulously manufactured. But more quirky tools have a place, too – like ostrich feathers. Hand-plucked ostrich feathers – 76cm long, weighing 3g – remove tiny dust particles perfectly from the Ford Vignale bodywork immediately before painting. Result: an even smoother finish.

Environmentally conscious

Nothing’s left to chance. That’s why every Ford Vignale passes through a light ‘street’ of bright beams and 12 digital cameras. They can detect tiny irregularities in the paint in an instant and localise them on a computer screen. Around 99% of irregularities can be corrected through polishing. This saves energy, paint and time.

Final tests

There are random spot checks, too. One in five completed Ford Vignales undergoes a so-called resonance test. By hanging a special microphone in the interior and broadcasting different frequencies, it’s possible to reproduce vibrations that will show up, for example, a loose screw or panel.

Such brand-new technologies work in tandem with craftsmanship and experience. When the sound test ends, a seasoned test driver takes the Ford Vignale out for a spin. After a few laps of a circuit with different types of road surface, it’s a thumbs-up. “Perfecto!”

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