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Laila Pawlak is a customer relationship expert and advisor to Vignale Relationship Managers. Here she talks about the difference between ordinary customer service and the special kind you get with Ford Vignale.

Laila Pawlak starts with a classic example of good customer service. Twice a week, she visits a local spa. The spa doesn’t collect data about her for analysis. The people there just know her likes and dislikes. They treat her like a friend.

Next she offers a digital example. Pawlak loves Netflix, the video streaming service. Netflix does collect data – about your viewing habits – and uses this to tailor its suggested viewing to your taste. “They are like a friend, too,” Pawlak says. “A friend knows which wines you prefer, which music. Netflix knows exactly what I wish to see.”

Then there’s the ‘box experience’, a term coined because of the role the beautiful box plays when someone purchases a new iPhone. Nearly half of all customers keep this box. “It’s an extra from Apple,” she explains. “An extra experience. It works. Before you start to use your phone, the experience has already started with that box. You think: hey, this phone, it is really, really special!”

These are just a few examples of making customers feel special. Pawlak is an expert at that. With her partner, she runs the Copenhagen-based company DARE2. Part of her work includes holding workshops for the Ford Vignale Relationship Managers.

Ford Vignale Lifestyle Laila Pawlak, the customer relationship expert

The customer rules

Customers, not companies, call the shots now. Pawlak: Today, you either want to save time via fast, cheap services or you want to savour time – in special experiences. The winners will be those companies that give you a true experience that is really focused on you. At the other end, you will get super-fast, super-cheap services. Those in the middle will have a big problem.

Despite the growing role of data, the personal touch – how you are treated – is vital. When a company gets it right, says Pawlak, “you feel treated like a friend. You know they really care.” This approach underpins the Ford Vignale experience. That is what the Vignale Relationship Manager does: he makes you feel special. There is nothing scripted. He listens and asks the right question. The Ford Vignale service is customised. The Vignale Relationship Manager treats you like a friend.

Be smart with time

Pawlak: “In today’s busy world, time is our scarcest resource, which means we’re becoming increasingly concerned about how we spend it.” Pawlak cites the Ford Vignale service that washes your car – so you don’t have to – before returning it to you. It saves you time. And when you visit the Ford Vignale lounge, you’ll find the Vignale Relationship Manager has all the time in the world for you. Pawlak reassures. That’s another part of the Ford Vignale experience. Time very well spent.

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