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Ford Vignale Lifestyle two Vignales, black and silver



The SUV is trending. The combination of its robustness, space and luxury exerts broad appeal. But the luxurious element enters a new dimension with the new Ford Kuga Vignale and Ford Edge Vignale, as we explain.

Ford Vignale Lifestyle two Vignales parked on a grass

NB. Vehicles shown may not represent final EU specification

You can instantly tell that a Ford Kuga Vignale is not your average SUV just by looking at its exterior colour. Vignale Milano Grigio, to name one of the special choices available, is a pearlescent-metallic shade that catches your eye and emphasises the car’s luxurious character. The high-end look is also underlined by the signature Ford Vignale hexagonal upper grille, with dark matt finish and polished aluminium surround. The Ford Vignale trademark – the hexagon – plays a leading role in the interior, too. Hexagonal-quilted Windsor leather, offered in a light Cashmere colour, is combined with tuxedo-style stitching. The attention to detail is striking.

Ford Vignale Lifestyle black and silver Vignales from rear and front

NB. Vehicles shown may not represent final EU specification

Vignale DNA

As well as the Ford Kuga Vignale, Ford offers another SUV underscored by the unique Ford Vignale philosophy: the Ford Edge Vignale. The distinctive Ford Vignale hexagonal grille is present, as are the various matt and chrome finishes for which each Ford Vignale is famous. Two further distinguishing features merit special attention: the exclusive Vignale alloy wheels and White Platinum paintwork, a special pearlescent exterior colour. Inside, hexagonal patterns can again be found along with high-end Windsor leather in light Cashmere or dark Ebony colours.

The Sound of Silence

Sophisticated technology includes the Front Wide-View Camera, Adaptive Cruise Control and Active Noise Control. Three microphones in the interior capture any kind of engine noise and direct opposing sound waves to cancel out the unwanted noise and improve cabin ambience. The result is a whisper-quiet interior. Powerful fuel-efficient engine options include Ford’s 210PS twin-turbocharged 2.0-litre TDCi diesel.

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