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Today’s trends, tomorrow’s talking points. News & trends from Ford worldwide.

Drive Smarter and Get Incentives

A new Ford Smart Mobility trial has taken place in London – and its results could end up saving drivers money. Called the ‘Ford-led Driver Behaviour Project’, the trial set out to reward good driving. For four months in London, more than 40 Ford Fiestas were equipped with plug-in devices. Collectively, they were driven for more than 4,000 hours and 160,000km. Each driver received a personal score, based on a variety of driver inputs, which they could check using a smartphone. People who accelerated steadily and steered smoothly scored highest, but harsh braking and overly sporty driving were penalised. Drivers keep their own personal score, so they can share this data with companies to get reduced rates on car hire, car sharing and ride sharing.

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Ford Teams Up with B&O Play

B&O PLAY – the young offshoot of Bang & Olufsen, the renowned provider of high-end audio-video solutions – has become a new and exclusive branded audio system for Ford vehicles. B&O PLAY products have been created mainly for use on the go, but its premium audio solutions are now destined for the automotive field. Ford and B&O PLAY are teaming up because of their shared love of inspiring customers with ingenious, high-quality products that perfectly fit their lifestyle. B&O PLAY will make its Ford debut next year on the all-new Ford Fiesta Vignale – the first Ford vehicle integrated with B&O PLAY. More details will follow soon.

Ford Starts Safety Push for Self-Driving Cars

Ford has joined a coalition to speed the introduction of self-driving cars and reduce death rates on our roads. Together with Google, Uber, Volvo and Lyft, Ford has created a lobby group called ‘The Self-driving Coalition for Safer Streets’. The main goal is to promote autonomous cars as a way to save millions of lives lost in car accidents. According to the coalition, which started in the US, it’s important to have one clear set of federal standards. The coalition plans to work together with policy makers to find the right solutions for deploying self-driving vehicles.

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