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Intelligent self-dipping headlights, clever ways to keep mobile and the benefits of the Ford Vignale Owners Club: we reveal three of the latest innovations from Ford that you’ll really want to know about.

Smarter ways to get about

FordPass hits Europe this year. This innovative new platform is designed to provide members with smart mobility solutions. Membership is available to Ford vehicle owners and non-owners. Members are offered four benefits. Marketplace offers different kinds of mobility services, such as parking and sharing. FordGuides gives one-on-one help via phone or live chat. FordHubs opens up Ford’s latest innovations – the first European FordHub will be in London – and Appreciation is a loyalty programme.

Ford Vignale Lifestyle Ford Pass and mobile app

Ford Vignale Owners Club launched

Being a Ford Vignale owner was already a unique ownership experience. But Ford always strives for better. So as well as the warm welcome in the Ford Vignale Lounge and the Vignale Relationship Manager helping you to tailor your car to your needs and providing time-saving services, Vignale offers something new: The Ford Vignale Owners Club. Members get exclusive entry to special events all around Europe, benefit from bespoke travel, are invited to dine in the best restaurants, enjoy the relaxation of romantic spa weekends and much more.

Say goodbye to dazzling

Driving with high-beam headlights can dazzle other drivers. But dipping your headlights reduces your ability to see and be seen. Glare-Free Highbeam is a Ford technology that enables you to drive with full headlight capacity without fear of dazzling others. A camera mounted on the windscreen detects other vehicles and cyclists up to several metres away at night. When it does, the Glare-Free Highbeam adjusts the headlight beam angle and intensity to avoid dazzling. The new technology is available across the New Ford S-MAX,  Galaxy and Edge.

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